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Unlock a Consistent Flow of Customers

Without All The Stress

"Unless you start conversations with customers almost instantly...they'll go somewhere else"

SMARTLeadDigital is the Small Business Owners #1 Solution

Smart Lead Digital System for Pest Control, Self Storage, Auto Body Shops, Home Inspection, Chiropractors, Doctors and more
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Beat Your Competition with SMART Lead Digital's lead conversion platform powered by A.I. & unmatched automation.

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Smart Lead Digital makes it easy for you to:


Capture leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!


Leads may not be ready to buy right away. Allow them to "Date you first" with our Nurturing email & SMS automation. Increase your close %'s almost overnight!


Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics! Have our Sales A.I. even CLOSE leads for you 24/7!


Maximizes your marketing efforts 10X more. Start running Facebook™ Ads in just 3 clicks by using our Extensive Library of Proven Ad Templates...without an agency if you'd like!

Sales & A.I.

Sales A.I. can help you close your leads 24/7. Plus, Manage pipelines, monitor invoices, and set payment reminders without hassle!


Track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly results with easy-to-understand analytics and improve operations accordingly!

Follow Up

Contact and communicate with prospects and customers effortlessly!


Incredible White Glove, World Class Customer Support with 24/7 support, "tips" throughout the software that helps hold your hand so you are up and running as fast as possible.

Your #1 Stop for Powerful Software or Your Very Own Marketing Team!

NEW! Automated Chat AI

Your 24/7 Sales Representative.



Pipeline Revenue


How many customers will you have?

Provide a close estimate below. Watch as this number grows when you move forward with Progreda.

30 Customers

How much will you charge?

With Progreda's appointment booking technology, you can schedule sales appointments and close more deals.


$34,920 Annual Revenue

Smart Lead Digital is a powerful system that allows you to interact with your target audience by using a variety of tools: a website, marketing funnels, email marketing, phone calls, and messaging! All rolled into one for your convenience!

Your business isn't just a venture; it's a dream.

Let's transform that dream into monumental growth together.




Infused with GMB Integration, Smart Lead Digital platform comes with Appointment Reminders that will send automatic text messages reminding clients about their appointments while they wait at the comfort of their own homes.

Our platform also has a Web Chat feature that allows clients who are visiting your website to chat with a representative right away without having to pick up the phone or leave their house!


Automate bulk and individual campaign management to boost your reviews

Receive and respond immediately to Facebook and Google notifications from your Hub

Real-time integration of 4.5 and 5 star reviews into your website

Increase online exposure and make more sales with a reliable online reputation


Get accurate and advanced data and results and improve business operations accordingly

A platform that’s similar to having a team of experts on hand, at all times ready to give you the insights you need when you need it

Only platform that easily provides advance yet easy-to-understand insight and data of your business


Automate bulk and individual campaign management to boost your reviews

Receive and respond immediately to Facebook and Google notifications from your Hub

Real-time integration of 4.5 and 5 star reviews into your website

Increase online exposure and make more sales with a reliable online reputation


Push all of your positive company reviews to the front of people’s minds when they search for products and services that you have

Bask in increased exposure while gaining more and more sales with your excellent and consistent online reputation

Smart Lead Digital is a powerful platform designed specifically for businesses like yours who wants their names out there


Smart Lead Digital was founded a by a marketing agency focused on providing solutions to the problems of brands and businesses for scaling. No need to set aside the massive growth of your business because Smart Lead Digital is here to help you move forward and achieve its full growth potential!

We are committed to helping solopreneurs, small business owners, and starting personal brands to grow their business without fear and limits.


Excellence is already within you. But to reach unparalleled heights, continuous growth is key.

That's why we made "Smart Lead Digital". It's for people who dream big and want to do great things in their job or business.

We think it's cool to try new things and push our limits. At Smart Lead Digital, we help you reach your dreams faster than you ever thought!

➢ What is sales and marketing automation?

Marketing and sales automation perform daily marketing and sales tasks automatically for you. It lets you focus your time and effort on growing your business instead of performing routine tasks to keep your business afloat: Sending email drip campaigns, follow-up messages, thank you messages and social media posts. You can also set up automatic invoices, payment reminders, appointment scheduling, and so much more.

➢ What are the benefits of automation to my business?

Automating new and existing tasks saves time so you can focus on other areas of your business, especially the areas needed to scale it successfully. Plus, sales and marketing automations improve organization, create more personalized communication, generate more sales, boost customer base, and ultimately supercharges your revenue.

➢ What are the marketing and sales automation features that Smart leads digital platform offers?

With Smart Lead Digital System's marketing and sales automation features, you can use preset Easy Automations or create custom processes according to your business’ needs to do the following:Send text and email follow-ups to potential clientsTake leads from contact form to appointment bookedSchedule reminders of client's appointmentsTurn new leads into new deals in your sales pipeline, with emails about offerings and promotions to followand much more!

➢ What CRM automation tools can I use in SMART LEAD DIGITAL SYSTEM?

SmartLeadDigital allows you to easily automate several parts of your CRM workflow:

Lead organization

Daily repetitive work

Follow ups

Closing leads

Customer relations

 Is Smart Lead Digital marketing automation a lead generation software?

While Smart Lead Digital does not "find" leads for you, it does manage your leads as they move through the sales pipeline. By automating lead nurture campaigns, you can close more deals with less work. If you are interested in “Lead Generation” we can get you connected with Marketing Agencies that can assist you.


As you build your site, excellent and expert team support will be with you every step of the way. Our team will work with you to ensure it is everything you want it to be. Let us take care of the technical details for you while you focus on growing your business!
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